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Wolfgang Mieder (ed.):

Cognition, Comprehension, and Communication.

A Decade of North American Proverb Studies   

Hohengehren, 2003, pb., 601 S. * ISBN 3-89676-675-9 * € 18,50

Shirley L. Arora: Proverbs and Prejudice: El Indio in Hispanic Proverbial Speech • Jeffrey D. Arthurs: Proverbs in Inspirational Literature: Sanctioning the American Dream • Ilhan Basgöz: Proverb Image, Proverb Message, and Social Change • Larry S. Champion: "A Springe to Catch Woodcocks": Proverbs, Characterization, and Political Ideology in Hamlet • Charles Clay Doyle: On "New" Proverbs and the Conservativeness of Proverb Dictionaries • Lauren Dundes, Michael B. Streiff, & Alan Dundes: "When You Hear Hoofbeats, Think Horses, Not Zebras": A Folk Medical Diagnostic Proverb • Raymond W. Gibbs & Dinara Beitel: What Proverb Understanding Reveals About How People Think • Robert M. Harnish: Communicating with Proverbs • Paul Hernadi & Francis Steen: The Tropical Landscapes of Proverbia: A Crossdisciplinary Travelogue • Richard P. Honeck & Jeffrey Welge: Creation of Proverbial Wisdom in the Laboratory • Kimberly J. Lau: "It's about Time": The Ten Proverbs Most Frequently Used in Newspapers and Their Relation to American Values • Isaac Jack Levy & Rosemary Levy Zumwalt: A Conversation in Proverbs: Judeo-Spanish Refranes in Context • Cameron Louis: Proverbs and the Politics of Language • Kevin J. McKenna: Proverbs and Perestroika: An Analysis of Pravda Headlines, 1988-1991 • Alyce M. McKenzie: "Different Strokes for Different Folks": America's Quintessential Postmodern Proverb • Wolfgang Mieder: "It's Not a President's Business to Catch Flies": Proverbial Rhetoric in Inaugural Addresses of American Presidents. • Marilyn A. Nippold, Linda D. Uhden, & Ilsa E. Schwarz: Proverb Explanation Through the Lifespan: A Developmental Study of Adolescents and Adults. • Neal R. Norrick: "Speech is Silver": On the Proverbial View of Language • Frank Nuessel: Proverbs and Metaphoric Language in Second-Language Acquisition • Samuel Gyasi Obeng: The Proverb as a Mitigating and Politeness Strategy in Akan Discourse • Sw. Anand Prahlad: "No Guts, No Glory": Proverbs, Values and Image among Anglo-American University Students • Tim B. Rogers: Proverbs as Psychological Theories . Or Is It the Other Way Around? • Elisabeth Schulze-Busacker: Proverbs and Maxims in Medieval French Literature • Nigel E. Turner & Albert N. Katz: The Availability of Conventional and of Literal Meaning During the Comprehension of Proverbs • Diana Van Lancker: TheNeurology of Proverbs • Bryan B. Whaley: When "Try, Try Again" Turns to "You're Beating a Dead Horse": The Rhetorical Characteristics of Proverbs and Their Potential for Influencing Therapeutic Change • Stephen D. Winick: Intertextuality and Innovation in a Definition of the Proverb Genre

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